Foo Dogs – Chinese Guardian Lions [what are they ]

Foo dogs are surely Chinese Guardian Lions. It is Westerners who named them Foo dogs. Some also call them Fu puppies. Yet others may additionally call them Buddha dogs.

The Chinese will most often discuss with them as Shi which means that lion. In Japan Foo puppies are called Komainu.
Foo Dogs Meaning
Foo dogs which might be placed internal or outside a building are intended to shield your private home or place of job from bad strength. It is stated those guardian lions will prevent all people with malicious intensions from getting into your own home.

It ought to as an example be green with envy human beings or humans seeking to horrific mouth you in any way. It could also be people who crush your dreams and plans for a higher future with their comments. Their intentions can be good, but their terrible concerns should set you back or even worse make you surrender on your dreams.
Foo dogs are a reminder to maintain all terrible strength faraway from the home.

Many workplaces, shops, motels and restaurants can also vicinity these Chinese father or mother lions out of doors on both aspect of the entrance. They are believed to defend their business. They are intended to attract satisfied and satisfied customers and keep hassle makers away.

The Chinese Guardian Lions are a image of power and protection. They can be discovered in all nations where the Chinese have settled. Westerners have adopted this safety image. They at the moment are housed in lots of homes. Foo puppies are bought in all sizes to in shape absolutely everyone’s want.

Why are they known as Foo puppies?
Foo puppies may consult with the Chinese phrase Fó relating to Buddha or Fu because of this blessing and prosperity. Fu is a completely auspicious word in Chinese.

It seems some notion those stone lions resembled the Chow Chow dogs and started calling them puppies as opposed to lions. That really stuck on and they’re widely called Foo puppies or Fu puppies.

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