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Attachment Tape

The first issue you will want to do when your hair machine arrives is, of direction, to position it on. but, before you can, you want to glue it for your head one way or another. in case you think that it will work out with any house-preserve adhesive lying round, we’re sorry to tell you it might not.

At advent Hair, we have a spread of Mens Hairpieces to select from!

They are a handy and affordable way with a view to relaxed your wig or hairpiece without having to mess around with sticky, problematic adhesives. We guarantee that you may get a comfortable maintain it’s both cozy and reliable.

In our shop, you can pick from a huge range of wig tape to discover the adhesion power you want, however to make your choice simpler, here are some guidelines based on what our customers prefer and what our professional opinion has shown.

  • Red Liner Sensi-Tak Roll: crimson Liner Rolls are a ultra-modern choice for most hair wearers. it could be used for every day wear, in addition to for the underlying tape for Perimeter Bond attachment. they come in shows of 3 yards, 12 yards, and 36 yards.
  • Walker ultra maintain Bonding Rolls: another brilliant desire to attach your hair machine is Walker Tape ultra maintain! it is incredible tacky, flexible, and durable. relying at the temperature, humidity, and body oils, this tape can last as long as 6 weeks. you should purchase three yards or 12 yards of tape.
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Solvents & Removers

Additionally, you will also need solvents and removers, so placed it down on your checklist!Leaving your hair gadget on all the time is honestly no longer an option. in case you aren’t a every day hair gadget wearer, you may nonetheless want to dispose of it from your head now and then.

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