Book Cover Design: Create AMAZING Covers in Just 7 Steps

Book Cover Dimension Requirements

Each market has various necessities and proposals for book covers. Here’s a helpful outline with the essential measurements and document prerequisites for the most mainstream independently publishing book destinations:

Amazon is really adaptable about your cover design spread size proportion. They just ask that one side is in any event 1000px long. This enables you to make your spread width/proportion unique. This is entirely perceptible when looking through the Amazon results.

Amazon prescribes that your book spread tallness to width measurements be a proportion of 1.6:1. So what does that resemble contrasted with an alternate proportion when clients look over the outcomes for a book search?In this way, pick the correct proportion for your book and ensure it looks extraordinary… in light of the fact that this is the thing that the customer is going to see.

PS: I for one utilize a 1.5:1 apportion on my book covers by setting my spread measurements to 1500 px tallness and 1000 px width. I feel just as it’s the correct combo. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you’re making a reading material or something that should look “thick,” at that point you should utilize a 1.3:1 proportion. Perceive how the proportion can increase observation?


Planning your spread is part workmanship, part science/brain research. Here are a few book spread plan tips and deceives to consider and utilize when you go about really structuring it.

Select A Good Cover Font

In some cases individuals extremely just spotlight on the spread picture, however the text style and title configuration should not be ignored. I’ll even venture to such an extreme as to state you should treat your title like a logo, and you ought to make one that sticks out and is critical.

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