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Agilophobia – fear of pain. Affected patients may also struggle with aichmophobia , i.e. unjustified fear of sharp objects used by the dentist, e.g. syringes with a needle, scalpel or tips for hand curettage. Patients afflicted with kopyrophobia , or fear of razors or blades, may also experience anxiety related to the use of the scalpel.

Aidsophobia – fear of getting HIV.

The result of this phobia is the terrible health of the teeth due to the permanent avoidance of visits in the office due to the fact that patients affected by this phobia are aware that “their” dentist can also treat the teeth infected with this virus. If the patient is afraid of infecting not only AIDS, but also other pathogens, his problem is tapinophobia (fear of infectious disease). For a dentist, it can mean not only problems with mastering the patient’s fear of treatment, but also the difficulty in convincing the patient that antibiotics do not need to be strictly applied before or after each procedure.

Asthenophobia – fear of fainting. The stronger the patient has worse experience with treatment or diagnostics. This phobia may be associated with hematophobia, or fear of blood: the patient’s awareness that during the procedure may be exposed to blood, which may end in fainting, arouses his fear of fainting.

Bacillophobia (microbiophobia) and bacteriophobia- strands – respectively – against microbes and bacteria. A phobia can effectively deter you from visiting your dentist because you are afraid of contact with microorganisms in the office, but also – on the other hand – to encourage the patient to care for oral hygiene and to treat tooth decay. Similar effects can be caused by depression , ie fear of germs.

An isolated social phobia – a patient who is overcome with it may feel an unfounded fear of visiting a dentist due to the need to meet other people in the office.Now take a look at how these features of zapalenie okostnej.


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